Personnel and Your Bottom Line

Course Description:

This course provides the student with an overview of personnel issues facing green industry contractors.  It is intended to help the contractor improve profitability by developing the skills necessary to improve personnel performance and safety.

The Personnel and Your Bottom Line Course is approved for 1 General CEU, 1 Worker's Comp CEU, 1 Workplace Safety CEU, and 1 Business Practice CEU in Lake and Pinellas Counties.

Course Topics:

1.  Service Billing Rate:

  • Identifying the costs that need to be included in a billing rate.
  • Identifying the methods for determining the percentage of billable time.
  • Identifying ways to maximize billable hours.

2.  Understanding employee motivation:

  • Identifying various motivational models.
  • Identifying ways to apply these models to the work place. 

3.  Effectively managing employees:

  • Explaining personality types and ways to manage different personality types.
  • How to utilize diverse personalities to build a winning team.

4.  Safety programs:

  • Identifying the key elements necessary to develop an effective safety plan.
  • Identifying the resources helpful in implementing an effective safety plan.
  • Explaining the concept of loss history and how to utilize it to improve safety.

5.  Worker Compensation Insurance:

  • General issues that worker compensation laws address.
  • Review any recent legislative changes
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